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Bunnylord is Your Savior, "Not a Hero"

Bunnylord is Your Savior, "Not a Hero"

Not a Hero kind of came out of nowhere for me. Once I caught wind of it through various sites and the Sup' Holmes interview with the developer last year, I've anticipated it ever since. And now it's finally here. Not a Hero is a fun time to be sure, but there are a few things missing.

The game is about an anthropomorphic rabbit named Bunnylord, who wants to become the mayor of the town he lives in. His campaign is...highly unconventional, as he wants to run on a platform that proves how serious he is on reducing crime rates. He does this by pretty much assassinating all criminals, hiring ex-assassin Steve to be his campaign manager and assassin. I'm not entirely convinced that's all he's after though.

Not A Hero - Screen 2

The missions themselves are short little excursions that are meant for quick bursts of play, but there are numerous optional challenges to tackle as well. These challenges are often difficult like speed running a level, or not getting hit a certain number of times. As you complete more challenges, the higher Bunnylord's approval rating goes. At certain milestones, you can unlock new characters to mess with.

Each character has their own set of skills. Steve can power slide to knock down unarmored enemies to move in for a finisher, and Cletus has a powerful shotgun that can shoot through doors. Some characters don't feel all that useful though, as they go down way too easily. It makes me think they exist to serve as jokes more than anything. Regardless of who you pick, you can always slide to evade bullets and slip into cover, shoot, and use secondary grenade weapons. There are also useful bullet power-ups.

Not A Hero - Screen 4

There are some things that are bit odd about Not a Hero, though. The game supports force feedback, but there are no screen resolution options. The humorous dialog can also sometimes be hard to read, as the game scrolls through text automatically with no voice-acting. Completionists might be miffed that there are no achievements, leaving hardcore types to wait for the PS4 and Vita versions. One change that I do want to see is an ability to toggle powerups, and for them to not go away after accidentally reloading if there are remaining rounds left. However even with these minor issues, the game is a pretty fun experience for action fans, with humor to back up the mayhem.


The Good The game is fun to play and is hilarious in it's insanity.
The Bad Some characters might be fun to mess around with, but they just aren't terribly useful.
The Ugly If you are a completionist, the lack of achievements might bother you.

Summary: Not a Hero is a completely insane but fun, run-and-gun-and-take-cover game. There's also plenty of replay value in the challenges to make up for its short length.

FINAL GRADE: 9.0 (out of ten)

Steam review code provided by Stephanie Tinsley Fitzwilliam of Tinsley PR

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