King Baby Duck rubs it in as he celebrates a well-deserved Super Bowl victory, and talks about why Benedict Cumberbatch may have a solid chance at Oscar gold in a couple weeks. The flaws of the movie Lupin The Third Vs. Detective Conan are revealed, and an idea is hatched on how to save SEGA. KBD then shares his worries about a planned live-action Astro Boy film, and says a few words about the late Monty Oum.


  1. Orange Range - Winter Winner (from the album ИATURAL)
  2. HALCALI - Girigiri Surf Rider (from the album Halcali Bacon)
  3. The Aquabats! - Look At Me, I'm A Winner (from the album Charge!!)
  4. Stance Punks - Please Die Tonight (from the album Peace & Destroy) [out of print]
  5. Oreskaband - Teenagers (from the album What a wonderful world! vol.2)
  6. Teddybears (feat. Iggy Pop) - Punkrocker (from the album Soft Machine)
  7. Shoko Nakagawa - Brand-new day (from the album Magic Time)
  8. monobright - Kūchū YOU WAY (from the album monobright three)
  9. The Decemberists - Mistral (from the album What A Terrible World, What A Beautiful World)
  10. SA - VICTORIA (from the album Vandals Bop)
  11. GRANRODEO - Tsuioku no Rinkaku (from the single Punky Funky Love)

One truth prevails! It's No Borders No Race: Episode Hachi-Juu!

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