After griping about the recent music venue issues happening in Boston King Baby Duck welcomes Blowfish Studios' Aaron Grove as they chat about their upcoming multiplayer creator Gunscape. Then Phil the Issues Guy pops in to talk about the new Nintendo President, what may entail for the company in the near-future, and just why Konami may be having trouble with their heads up their rectal cavities.


  1. Lemon Drop Kick - 11:40 (official ReverbNation page)
  2. BRADIO - Secret Code (from the album Power of Life)
  3. Korpiklaani - Uni (from the album Manala)
  4. Gackt - Luna (from the album MOON)
  5. Caroline - Pink & Black (from the album Murmurs)
  6. Motörhead - Teach Them How To Bleed (from the album Bad Magic)
  7. 9mm Parabellum Bullet - Daremo Shiranai (from the "Hangyaku no March" single)

Craft your level and enter the gun-totting madness! It's No Borders No Race: Episode Hyaku-Ni!

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Special thanks to Mitchell Saltzman of Stride PR for setting up the Gunscape interview!

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