It's the 100th Podcast episode of No Borders No Race, and King Baby Duck goes big by welcoming two of his friends from Japan to take part in the festivities: Molice manager (and frequent music contributor) Tom Melesky and SAWAS PHOOL frontwoman (and Nazo-Nazo Nihongo segment host) Sawa Kato! Hear about how they were inspired to take part in the Japanese music scene, the artists that keep amazing them throughout the years, their thoughts on Japan's pop idol industry, and what could be done to help take J-POP to the next level. Plus we spin our favorite artists that have helped to make No Borders No Race the show that it's become!


  1. Puffy AmiYumi - Planet Tokyo (from the album Nice.)
  2. shing02 - Jukou (from the album Waikyoku)
  3. Molice - Ms. PANIC (from the album DOCTOR RAY)
  4. noodles - LOVE MY LIFE (from the Love My Life soundtrack)
  5. Peelander-Z - The Destroyer (from the album P-Bone Steak)
  6. Kaiser Chiefs - Na Na Na Na Naa [Polysics Remix] (from the Lap of Honour EP) [out of print]
  7. Sawas Phool - SAiKO (from the album SAWAS PHOOL)
  8. Electric Eel Shock - Dice De Try (from the album Transworld Ultra Rock)
  9. m-flo loves BoA - the Love Bug (from the album Astromantic)
  10. Asian Kung-Fu Generation - Koshigoe Crybaby (from the album Surf Bungaku Kamakura)
  11. TsuShiMaMiRe - Hang Out! (from the album Abandon Human) [available October 7]

Come join in on the celebration! It's No Borders No Race: Episode Hyaku!

The Boston Bastard Brigade kindly encourages you to support these artists, and buy their songs/album. You can find the majority of these releases on,, iTunes, the bands' official websites & Bandcamps, and your local record stores.

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