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July 2014

King Baby Duck is joined by the Fleming Brothers of Wicked Anime as they talk about the first couple episodes of the new summer anime series Terror in Resonance and Akame ga Kill! Then 42Believer pops in as the gang

It's over. After months of running through Fabletown, cleaning up messes and getting shot at in the process, Bigby and Snow finally got their man. A wild ride it was in The Wolf Among Us, but as these Telltale Games

To celebrate the Boston Bastard Brigade's fifth anniversary, ElectricSistaHood writer Vichus Smith provided his own top five musicians list that we've featured in some shape or form. Enjoy! - KBD King Baby Duck has played quite an array of amazing bands

It's the Boston Bastard Brigade's fifth anniversary, and King Baby Duck shares his top five lists of the best of this past half-decade! Which movie has brought the biggest smile on our faces? What's the best English dub the anime

SQUIDS Odyssey is a retooling of the French studio The Game Baker's Squids, released on iOS in 2010. Since the gamepad on the Wii U and the touchscreen made translating the squid slinging mechanics seem natural, it must have seemed like

Save the princess, and the game is over. However what happens if the end is really just the beginning, and the beginning is truly the end? That's what MEGAFUZZ has done with their first game Spoiler Alert. Spoiler Alert has you

King Baby Duck gets back from watching the first episode of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal, and goes a little bit deeper on why he somewhat changed his tune for the anime Sakura Trick. The world of e-sports gets its

In the anime realm the yuri genre -- one involving girl/girl relationships -- doesn't get as much attention as its yaoi counterpart. At times it can be pretty fan-service-y, focusing more at appeasing boys who may be watching it instead

King Baby Duck is joined by his friends Scarlet Prettycure of Scarlet Rhapsody and Anime Jam Session's DJ Ranma Saotome and Mako-chan as they chat about this first half of 2014 in anime. Which of the four DIDN'T like Kill

How does one alter the dynamics of a game like pinball? Since the 1930s the game hasn't evolved much. A couple bumpers here and there, two flippers on the bottom, and maybe some bonus points areas that are near-impossible to