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April 2014

"Explosions fix everything!" - Nabeshin, Excel Saga: Episode 26 In the 80s and 90s the American film landscape was filled to the brim with violently awesome action flicks, starring the Norrises, the Schwarzeneggers, the Van Dammes, and the Stallones of the

On a super-sized PAX East 2014 edition of One-On-One KBD chats with a great bunch of developers and PR guys working behind-the-scenes on some of the coolest games and tech that is coming out this year! Hear interviews with the

Shinji Mikami has made it a career of scaring gamers at around every corner. Since directing the first Resident Evil title players all across the world have come to expect the things that unexpectedly crawl out of the darkness whenever

On the final part of our Anime Boston 2014 Interview series KBD, along with Geek Eccentric, Japanator, The Daily Geekette, and the TV show Con Men, sit down with voice actress Yuko Minaguchi. Hear about what she has learned from studying

In the fifth edition of our Anime Boston 2014 Interview Specials King Baby Duck, along with 42Believer, GameandComic.com, and theLFB, sit down with voice actor Mike McFarland, as he talks about how he got started in the anime industry, which of

King Baby Duck pulls through this week's show with a raspy throat, as he tells of how he lost his voice at a recent World/Inferno Friendship Society concert. News breaks about JoJo's Bizarre Adventure finally coming to America, and KBD

King Baby Duck of the Boston Bastard Brigade asks a simple, yet tough question to voice actor Kyle Hebert at Anime Boston 2014. Edited by: Evan Bourgault Camera Operator: JC Riley End theme: "Transamerica Ultra Rock" by Electric Eel Shock

Alt-country rock band Antigone Rising, the first band under Starbuck's Hear Music label to sell over 150,000 albums, have announced the release of two new EPs that are coming later this year. Entitled Whiskey & Wine - Volume 1 (released last week)

On the fourth Anime Boston 2014 Interview Special KBD, along with Anime Herald, My JHouse Rocks Promotions, Crunchyroll, and Japanator, sit down with the popular J-POP group JAM Project. Hear them share their favorite spots to perform, the differences between writing

This year's selections of music video's at this year's Anime Boston AMV Contest were pretty creative, ranging from some great dramatic pieces to side-splitting comedic videos that had the audiences rolling with laughter. With the winners announced, this year's piece