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March 2014

Bill Willingham's Fables comic has had a gigantic following, especially for those who grew up with the fairy tales of yore, so it should come as no surprise that someone out there wanted to adapt the series into another format.

Three Japanese pop idols singing over guitar riffs that'd make Cannibal Corpse do a double-take. That about sums up BABYMETAL in a nutshell. When I first heard about this band I had some serious doubts. "What a dumb concept!" I'd

On this week's episode of No Borders No Race King Baby Duck gives a quick update on what's happening at Anime Boston this year, and pays tribute to the late Harold Ramis. The new Godzilla trailer makes the host eager

Weapon Shop de Omasse is not your ordinary video game. Created by Japanese comedian Yoshiyuki Hirai the 3DS rhythm-based title takes the world of your average RPG and places it in the confides of a small village blacksmith workplace. Yet

It's tough for a voice actress to stand out as a musician, especially when you've got music labels trying to push out less-than-average bubblegum pop from one seiyuu to another. Sometimes it's best for the kind of singer the actress

Con season is nigh, and King Baby Duck prepares himself for the long haul! Crappy weather leads to a marathon viewing of DD Fist of the North Star, and Andrew Fleming of Wicked Anime and Scarlet Prettycure of Scarlet Rhapsody

If there's one thing I can always count on Twisted Pixel to do, it's to make a video game that leaves a massive smile on my face. Since the days of The Maw the Austin-based developers have made waves with

King Baby Duck sits down with Heymoonshaker's guitarist/vocalist Andrew Balcon, one month before the duo is set to hit the American coast for the first time. Hear about their favorite highlights of 2013, their upcoming EP, and what they hope

King Baby Duck comes fresh off his guest spot over on the Issues Program, and does his best to say nice things about Derek Jeter's retirement. An old entertainment segment from the WMWM Salem days is dug up for a

Have you ever had one of those classmates you sat next to that seemed to do everything except pay attention to the lessons on hand? They'd tap on their desks, chew their pencils, stick gum under their seats, and on