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February 2014

The 8-bit retro game Nostalgia Train keeps trucking along, and it doesn't seem to be stopping anytime soon. People seem to have grown weary of the trend as of late, passing off any game done in the style as baiting/cash-in

King Baby Duck praises the Seattle Seahawks for giving Peyton Manning such a savage beatdown, then goes hands-on with the video game Outlast for an audio Let's Play! The Lego Movie earns its way into the host's heart, and the

Let me get the biggest (albeit minor) complaint out of the way right here and now: Race The Sun isn't the best-looking video game on the market. Even though its appearance is more of a nod to the days of

It's been a month since a new year of gaming began, so enough time has passed to make a fine judgement towards what shined the brightest on consoles and computers everywhere! Here now are my Top Ten Video Games of

King Baby Duck corrects himself as he explains why he reported on a Nintendo news story that (predictably) turns out to be fake, and praises the Grammys for finally embracing electronica with Daft Punk getting the big wins. A long-deserved

Why have I been playing so many sad games lately? This was a question that ran through my head as soon as the end credits began to roll in Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons. A couple weeks ago I had

King Baby Duck takes to task the good little reminder that good journalists never do pay-for-praise, and wonders why Candy Crush Saga developers Studio King would be so greedy as to trademark each word of their game rather than the entire

There's a right way and a wrong way to showcase the general mindset of good otaku fandom. For the most part, sadly, its portrayal hasn't been painted in a good light, especially with some of the self-parodying series out there.

King Baby Duck is surprised by the appearance of an old baseball video game franchise that's coming to take the torch away from 2K Sports, and is cautious about the reveal of Alien: Isolation. Plus the Fleming Brothers of Wicked

Have you ever wondered what happens to your favorite heroes if you decide to choose "No" on the Continue screen? Where do they go? Is there a Heaven or Hell for them? Are they filled with regrets? These questions have