King Baby Duck takes to task the good little reminder that good journalists never do pay-for-praise, and wonders why Candy Crush Saga developers Studio King would be so greedy as to trademark each word of their game rather than the entire title. James of BR1GHT PR1MATE stops by to chat about his new video game Project Rain World, and rumors trickle down about Nintendo already starting work on their next console (even though it'll all probably be debunked as bullshit by the time this Podcast airs).


  1. PINK STRIKE - Around the World (official website)
  2. m-flo - STARSTRUCK~"The Return of the LuvBytes"~ m-flo loves AI & Hinouchi Emi & Rum (from the album Astromantic)
  3. The Sexbots - You Get A Taste (from the album Junk Sick)
  4. YUI - Cinnamon (from the album HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN)
  5. L'Arc~en~Ciel - Pretty girl (from the album KISS)
  6. Young Canadians - Just a Loser (from the album No Escape)
  7. Yuuhodou - Kokoro Note (demo)
  8. ANTI ELEMENT - VITALITY (from the album Open Mind) [out of print]
  9. Perfect Pussy - II (from the demo EP I have lost all desire for feeling)
  10. Oreskaband - Machi wo Deru yo (from the album Color)
  11. The Asphere's - Sunny Day (official Facebook page)

It may be a slow news week, but that won't stop the music from coming! It's No Borders No Race: Episode San-Juu-Roku!

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