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May 2014

What a difference four years makes. In 2010 The Black Keys opened up their Brothers album with "Everlasting Light," with Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney sounding like they were on top of the world with hearts filled with love. Since

King Baby Duck laments on the Bruins' loss in the semifinals, and jumps back into some concert etiquette with some tips from The Aquabats. X Japan news gets the American J-POP king's ears burning, and (more!!!) news regarding Sailor Moon

King Baby Duck runs around the Hynes Convention Center during Anime Boston 2014, asking con-goers about their experiences with terrible anime. Edited by: Evan Bourgault Camera Operator: Andrew Fleming (Wicked Anime), John C. Riley III (The Couch Masters)

King Baby Duck (plus Andrew & Jonathan of Wicked Anime) sit down with musicians/authors/dancers/unicorn breeders Bryan & Neil, better known as Koo Koo Kanga Roo. Hear their answers to hard-hitting questions about fanny packs, cat parties, if bad pizza even

These days it's the video game industry that knows how to keep its players and -- in some cases -- viewers at the edge of their seats. No developer has done that better, though, than Telltale Games, who have cornered

This week King Baby Duck is joined by Andrew & Jonathan Fleming of Wicked Anime, Scarlet Prettycure of Scarlet Rhapsody, and Candy Jam of Candy Co. Cosplay as they chat about the recent news of the Sailor Moon reboot! Hear

King Baby Duck chats with eCommerce Marketing Manager Ariel Chan of Crunchyroll, and shares what's up with the current Spring 2014 season of their website. Plus, hear her picks for great anime series for newbies to get a jumpstart on! Edited

King Baby Duck shares news that ESH will once again be L.A.-bound this June, and is in awe of an action figure of a certain rock star. The anime Fairy Tail gets the royal spotlight, and an upcoming update for

Since forming fifteen years the duo of VERBAL and Taku Takahashi have been bringing an intergalactic sound to the club that is often imitated, but never replicated. They brought sexy back with 2004's Astromantic, a whole two years before Justin

King Baby Duck returns from PAX East, and reports on three other titles: Joar Jakobsson and James Primate's Rain World, Owlchemy Labs' Dyscourse, and Ackk Studios' Y II K. Plus hear why the plethora of indie titles over AAA games