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September 2014

Boston FIG has come and gone, but it's still fresh in our minds! King Baby Duck and the Fleming Brothers of Wicked Anime sit down and chat about their highlights in both the digital and tabletop showcase, and why the

Everyone fantasizes about hooking up characters from one world with people from another. The realm of fan fiction is filled to the brim with these what-if scenarios, with millions of people reading them on a daily basis. Leave it to

King Baby Duck and ESH's Pandalicious take to the MIT floors as they chat with some of the biggest up-and-comers in the digital and tabletop gaming realm at this year's Boston Festival of Indie Games! Sitting down with us this

Maybe it's just me, but U2 seems to be forgetting what's important when it comes to creating music. Yes, it's always good to try to have an underlying message in your work, but when you try to attempt this with

King Baby Duck gets excited for Bayonetta 2, and lashes out EXPLICITLY at those still complaining about its Wii U exclusivity. The New 3DS announcement raises come concerns, while the anime The Devil Is A Part-Timer shines brightly thanks to the show's

The co-directors of the Boston Festival of Indie Games Dan Silvers and Aerjen Tamminga stop by to chat with King Baby Duck about this year's festivities. Hear their thoughts on the indie gaming scene, how Early Access can benefit the industry,

The Fleming Brothers of Wicked Anime join King Baby Duck this week, and after lamenting on the deceitful character known as Hello Kitty the guys chat about why this summer has been outstanding for anime fans everywhere. Plus hear the

Ten years ago America got its hands on a new video game starring Japan's robotic pride & joy. When released Astro Boy: Omega Factor was lauded by fans and critics alike, being declared not just one of the best Game

Japanese rockers Ogre You Asshole have unveiled their latest plans for the upcoming fall and winter season, which include a new release and another trip on the road. The Nagano-based band will be unleashing their seventh album Papercraft on October 15th.

King Baby Duck starts off this week's show congratulating his ElectricSistaHood pals on an epic milestone, and jumps into a review of John Michael McDonagh's latest movie Calvary. A stupidly funny anime called Kill Me Baby appears on KBD's radar,