Boston FIG has come and gone, but it's still fresh in our minds! King Baby Duck and the Fleming Brothers of Wicked Anime sit down and chat about their highlights in both the digital and tabletop showcase, and why the latter's was fine proof that the state of the board game industry is strong with creativity and popularity.


  1. Cibo Matto - 10th Floor Ghost Girl (from the album Hotel Valentine)
  2. Boris - Laser Beam (from the album Smile)
  3. Busdriver - Motion Lines (from the album Perfect Hair)
  4. the pillows - Kim Deal (from the album Happy Bivouac)
  5. Soil & Pimp Sessions - Wives and Lovers (from the album Pimpin')

Play your cards right and get your poker face on. It's No Borders No Race: Episode Roku-Juu-Yon!

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