King Baby Duck and ESH's Pandalicious take to the MIT floors as they chat with some of the biggest up-and-comers in the digital and tabletop gaming realm at this year's Boston Festival of Indie Games! Sitting down with us this year were the folks behind the video games Black Hat Oculus and Blocks of Explosive Dismemberment, as well as the tabletop/card games Moriarty's Machinations, Henchmen!, and Slash: Romance Without Boundaries.

Lay your cards down and get ready to play! It's Boston FIG 2014: A One-On-One Special!


  1. Intro (0:00)
  2. Redbeard of Duadikos for Moriarty's Machinations (02:52)
  3. Nick Garza of Team Future for Black Hat Oculus (09:13)
  4. Lindsey Vanosky of DFL Games for Henchmen! (14:41)
  5. Sam Rogers of Barbaric Softworks for Blocks of Explosive Dismemberment (21:26)
  6. Glenn Given of Games by Play Date for Slash: Romance Without Boundaries (25:15)


"I Wanna Meet Dave Grohl" by Wavves
"Everything Goes To Hell" by Tom Waits
"My Pet Coelacanth" by deadmau5
"Secret Plans" by Eagles of Death Metal
"Eighth Lock" by GWAR
"Hooked On A Feeling" by Blue Swede

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