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June 2014

King Baby Duck is joined by King Sparkileptic and Fifi Prosper from The Region2 Show, as they talk about this past year's E3. Who shined the brightest, and who were the dimmest of the wits? What games should more people

A deluxe edition of One-On-One is coming your way, as King Baby Duck chats with the folks behind The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Dead Island 2, and Homefront: The Revolution. Plus get all your headset info from the experts at

Recorded at E3, King Baby Duck sits down with Lu Gigliotti and Mike Dietz from Pencil Test Studios about their upcoming stop-motion video game Armikrog. Hear about its origins, the success from Kickstarter, how appreciative they are about the game's

Like most people whenever I use a headset for music or video gaming I want to make sure that not only does the sound come in crystal clear, but that they keep my ears comfortable for the entire duration of

Join King Baby Duck, NinJaSistah, TheDCD, and Brian Penny from Mainstreet as they share their highs and lows from this year's Xbox press event. Plus hear why EA should've toned down on The Sims during their media briefing. Jump in and

The deeper Bigby digs, the less appealing of a place Fabletown becomes. Telltale's The Wolf Among Us, based on Bill Willingham's popular Fables comic series, knows how to grab both the gamer's and those watching in, and its latest episode

"Nothing sounds like the source," roars Damian Abraham, the first line you hear on Fucked Up's newest album Glass Boys. In a way he could be referring to the band. Since they dropped their first seven-inch back in 2002 Fucked Up

King Baby Duck takes a break from chatting about gaming (seeing as he's about to head to E3), and decides to focus his attention on other realms of pop culture. First off a review of X-Men: Days of Future Past

When it comes to horror video games I have a strong love/hate relationship while playing them. I know that they're all make believe, and I am perfectly safe sitting on my couch as I tread through. Sometimes, though, a good

With E3 two weeks away King Baby Duck ponders what the developers in the gaming world have in store for one of the biggest events in the world. Godzilla's weight is brought to question, and the comic book Sex Criminals