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January 2014

King Baby Duck gives thanks to everyone who helped on making his last two episodes a success, and shares his reasons why there weren't a lot of Japanese albums on his list. Fingers are crossed that EA Sports take the

Daedalic has made itself well known as an indie publisher and developer of many adventure games. But this time they have decided to take on the strategy RPG world with Blackguards. Based in the same universe of a previous adventure

Many will argue that A Link to the Past was the greatest Legend of Zelda title ever made, so when word got out last April that a successor to the classic Super Nintendo title would be hitting the 3DS the

The time has come! Who will be on King Baby Duck's Top Albums list? Who will be crowned the best album of 2013? Only one way to find out, and that's to listen! Plus, hear from Douceswild of Geek Aggro,

Imagine if you were stricken with a strange ailment, one that requires you to make a choice at any given time. These choices range from the deranged to the very nonsensical, and if you don't decide it could pretty much

Recorded at Super Megafest in Framingham, MA this past November King Baby Duck asks the important survival question to fellow con-goers, along with special guest Vic Mignogna! Recorded and edited by our pals at Wicked Anime!