August 2014

Ten years ago America got its hands on a new video game starring Japan's robotic pride & joy. When released Astro Boy: Omega Factor was lauded by fans and critics alike, being declared not just one of the best Game

Japanese rockers Ogre You Asshole have unveiled their latest plans for the upcoming fall and winter season, which include a new release and another trip on the road. The Nagano-based band will be unleashing their seventh album Papercraft on October 15th.

King Baby Duck starts off this week's show congratulating his ElectricSistaHood pals on an epic milestone, and jumps into a review of John Michael McDonagh's latest movie Calvary. A stupidly funny anime called Kill Me Baby appears on KBD's radar,

It's a curious thing when brawler spin-offs of fighting games make it to Western audiences, yet the game that inspired it still has yet to make the leap. At least this port of the 360 version of Phantom Breaker: Battle

With only less than a month until their big quarter-century anniversary Japanese rockers the pillows have announced the next few pieces of their Never Ending Story celebration. On September 17th, one day after they celebrate their founding, the trio of Sawao

With the whole world still in mourning over the death of Robin Williams, King Baby Duck does his best to lift the spirits of his listeners. This week it's an all-out dance show. No interruptions, no topic points, just over

Last week on ESH's EGMNOW site I reviewed ACE Team's Abyss Odyssey, which made me think back to one of their earlier games. Back in 2011 I wrote a piece for it for the now-defunct ElectricSistaHood magazine, which never got

King Baby Duck gets excited about the return of Pancake Mountain, and shares a simple idea on how to make next year's Boston Comic Con a more fun experience. Thoughts on the hiatus of Studio Ghibli give way to reasons

Sully Erna and company have held a special place in our Commonwealth. After all Godsmack's first three albums -- their 1998 self-titled debut, Awake, and Faceless -- are considered essentials for any metal fan. There have been speed bumps here

A plethora of guests stop by King Baby Duck's castle in this week's episode! First TheDCD and Fantastic Forum's Mayor Young chat with the host about the new Marvel film Guardians of the Galaxy. Then 42Believer, Candy Jam of Candy