King Baby Duck praises the Seattle Seahawks for giving Peyton Manning such a savage beatdown, then goes hands-on with the video game Outlast for an audio Let's Play! The Lego Movie earns its way into the host's heart, and the Fleming Brothers of Wicked Anime and 42Believer stop by to chat about SUPER SONICO: THE ANIMATION.


  1. GitoGito Hustler - Yabou (from the album Q) [out of print]
  2. Suga Shikao - Fonoscope (from the album Funkaholic)
  3. Quilt - Tie up the Tides (from the album Held In Splendor)
  4. Zazen Boys - NABE & SADA (from the single I Don't Wanna Be With You)
  5. The Predators - C.R.S. (from the album Kiba wo Misero)
  6. Gem Club - Braid (from the album In Roses)
  7. Ayumi Hamasaki - fated (from the album Guilty)
  8. Straightener - ALIBI (from the EP Immortal)
  9. This Way To The Egress - Cage Bird (from the album Mighty Seed)
  10. Kaela Kimura - 1115 (from the album +1)
  11. Roku Shiki - CLUB 6X6 (from the album A969)

Keep your heart from racing. It's No Borders No Race: Episode San-Juu-Hachi!

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