King Baby Duck comes fresh off his guest spot over on the Issues Program, and does his best to say nice things about Derek Jeter's retirement. An old entertainment segment from the WMWM Salem days is dug up for a revival, where Rabbids plan to invade the big screen and Wolverine hits the Broadway stage, and one of King's favorite anime comedies returns for a two-episode OVA run on Crunchyroll. Plus on this week's Nazo-Nazo Nihongo Sawa-sensei teaches us the phrase "otsukaresama desu/deshita," along with Valentine's Day practices that occur in Japan.


  1. BABYMETAL - Ijime, Dame, Zettai (from the album Babymetal)
  2. the HIATUS - Konpeki no Yoru ni (from the album Trash We'd Love)
  3. Harsh Armadillo - Banana Bass (official Facebook page)
  4. MO'SOME TONEBENDER - PURR (from the album Struggle)
  5. Husking Bee - ocean (from the tribute album Yes, We Love butchers ~Tribute to bloodthirsty butchers~ Abandoned Puppy)
  6. Heymoonshaker - Ten Letter Word (from the EP Shakerism)
  7. Ging Nang Boyz - Konrinzai (from the album Hikari no Naka ni Tatteitene)
  8. abingdon boys school - DOWN TO YOU (from the album abingdon boys school)
  9. The Gutter Twins - Circle the Fringes (from the album Saturnalia)
  10. Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas - The Courage To Take A Action (from the CD single Rave-Up Tonight) [out of print]
  11. Dir en grey - SUSTAIN THE UNTRUTH (digital single)

Smoking cigars and drinking without a care, it's No Borders No Race: Episode San-Juu-Kyu!

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