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Vichus Smith Presents: Top Five Bands (As Heard On "No Borders No Race")

Vichus Smith Presents: Top Five Bands (As Heard On "No Borders No Race")

To celebrate the Boston Bastard Brigade's fifth anniversary, ElectricSistaHood writer Vichus Smith provided his own top five musicians list that we've featured in some shape or form. Enjoy! - KBD

King Baby Duck has played quite an array of amazing bands over the years on No Borders No Race, and some of them have become artists that I adore. While it's hard to narrow them down to just five, I have managed to settle on the bands I would love to listen to on a deserted island.

5. Cibo Matto

Cibo Matto

The first thing people are going to label Cibo Matto is “weird.” Weird is good, though, because it makes for awesome music. I remember hearing a Cibo Matto song from one place or another, but the next place I heard it is on No Borders No Race. Cibo Matto are from Japan, but are in the US. I think that their music represents their history as transplants, because their sound is born out of many inspirations.

Fave Tracks: "Sugar Water," "Hotel Valentine"

4. Molice

Molice 2012

I was a virgin to Molice until KBD introduced me to them on No Borders No Race. It's fun rock, and I am a sucker for a female lead singer. This trio hooked me in with their sweet sound and playful attitude.

Fave Tracks: "Sensitive City," "Please Please Pris"



This magnificent voice made it to my ears for the first time when her music was used for the opening theme of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. Hearing her on the One-On-One interview show just made me like her as a person. ORIGA's powerful voice echoes through my soul.

Fave Tracks: "Hana No Chiru Toki" (remake), "Rise"

2. Nujabes


Gone much, much too soon. Nujabes may have passed on, but his music is forever. When it's time to chill out, to relax, Nujabes will be right there for you. It doesn't matter if it's his pure music, or with vocal collaboration. It's all good!

Fave Tracks: "Shiki No Uta" (feat. Minmi), "Battlecry" (feat. shing02)

1. the pillows


Oh man, if I had never watched the sugar rush that is Fooly Cooly, I may never have discovered such a cool rock band. When I listen to them, I'm hyped up, I'm happy, and ready to take on the world.

Fave Tracks: "I think I can," "Little Busters"

Happy fifth anniversary, Boston Bastard Brigade!

Written by Vichus Smith

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