It's the Boston Bastard Brigade's fifth anniversary, and King Baby Duck shares his top five lists of the best of this past half-decade! Which movie has brought the biggest smile on our faces? What's the best English dub the anime realm has heard? Who gave the most awe-inspiring live performance? Plus to celebrate this special occasion, KBD will be giving away two Steam keys of 505 Games and Rebellion's Sniper Elite 3!


  1. Electric Eel Shock - Scream For Me (from the album BEAT ME)
  2. chatmonchy - Hira Hira Hiraku Himitsu no Tobira (from the album Kokuhaku)
  3. The Cliks - Dark Passenger (from the album Black Tie Elevator)
  4. Molice - Jewel Story (from the album NEUGRAVITY)
  5. the pillows  - Propose (from the album Wake Up! Wake Up! Wake Up!)
  6. Blood Red Shoes - Doesn't Matter Much (from the album Box of Secrets)
  7. Mono - Dream Odyssey (from the album For My Parents)
  8. KOTOKO - Hayate no Gotoku! (CD Single)
  9. Hunter Valentine - The Stalker (from the album Lessons From The Late Night)
  10. Stance Punks - Tetsu No Hiki Ga Ne (from the single MONY MONY MONY) [out of print]
  11. PUFFY - Basket Case (from the album Splurge)

Put on your party hats and throw around some streamers. It's No Borders No Race: Episode Go-Juu-Go - THE B3 FIVE-YEAR ANNIVERSARY SHOW!!!!

The Boston Bastard Brigade kindly encourages you to support these artists, and buy their songs/album. You can find the majority of these releases on,, iTunes, the bands' official websites & Bandcamps, and your local record stores.

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