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No Borders No Race: Episode Go-Juu-San

No Borders No Race: Episode Go-Juu-San

King Baby Duck is joined by his friends Scarlet Prettycure of Scarlet Rhapsody and Anime Jam Session's DJ Ranma Saotome and Mako-chan as they chat about this first half of 2014 in anime. Which of the four DIDN'T like Kill la Kill? How can one be surprised by Scarlet's favorite thus far when the show is her last name? Is there an anime out there that pisses KBD off more than Super Sonico? Who isn't stoked about Sailor Moon Crystal? (That last question is rhetorical, of course!)


  1. Oblivion Dust - Syndrome (from the album 9 Gates For Bipolar)
  2. Tomiko Van - Tokyo Biyori (CD Single)
  3. Open Mike Eagle -  Qualifiers (from the Hellfyre Club mixtape Dorner vs. Tookie)
  4. Dir en grey - CLEVER SLEAZOID (from the album THE MARROW OF A BONE)
  5. TsuShiMaMiRe - Tea Time Ska (from the album Pregnant Fantasy)
  6. Foster The People - Best Friend (from the album Supermodel)
  7. Nujabes (featuring Substantial) - Waiting For The Clouds (from the album Spiritual State)

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