King Baby Duck gets back from watching the first episode of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal, and goes a little bit deeper on why he somewhat changed his tune for the anime Sakura Trick. The world of e-sports gets its dance on, and Electronic Arts keeps taking one too many stupid pills with their recent decision to bring FIFA 15 to the Wii but not the Wii U. Plus on this week's Nazo-Nazo Nihongo Sawa-sensei teaches us about the cup-and-ball game known as kendama.


  1. Maximum the Hormone - Mr. Boogie Tambourine Man (from the album Kusoban) [out of print]
  2. midnightPumpkin - Rashtail (from the album Popirony) [out of print]
  3. Dropkick Murphys - Prisoner's Song (from the album Signed And Sealed In Blood)
  4. girugamesh - Vermillion (from the album girugamesh)
  5. Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra - Already Steady -sude ni Steady- (from the album PARADISE BLUE)
  6. Flobots - The Circle In The Square (from the album The Circle In The Square)
  7. BEAT CRUSADERS - LOVE DISCHORD (from the album P.O.A. ~Pop On Arrival~)
  8. Loudness - Call Of The Reaper (from the album Metal Mad)
  9. CYNE - Glasses After Midnight (from the album All My Angles Are Right)
  10. Nana Kitade - Indelible Sin ~Kesenai Tsumi~ (from the album 18 ~eighteen~) [out of print]
  11. Boris - Ghost of Romance (from the album NOISE)

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