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Not all heroes wear capes, but some like to keep things clean. Samurai Punk proved this will a little game called Roombo: First Blood. While on the short side, it showed a lot of potential for what could be a

It takes a long time for some folks to find their place in the world. To be expected to figure all this out before graduating high school, well that’s an even bigger challenge! Hence why a character like Akari —

It was on June 5, 2018 when Shameless Tuesdays first hit the Boston Bastard Brigade. A collaboration with Shameless Promotion PR, this segment served as a means to promote indie artists in a different way. On top of giving these

There are two different things that could happen if you give an author free rein. Half of the time, the work may find itself being overwhelming, to the point of it being almost too hard to read. The other half

There is no storytelling premise far more dangerous to showcase than step-siblings that fall in love with one another. Such a tale is like walking on a tightrope over a pool of man-eating sharks, with Bugs Bunny on the other

Behind every powerful person is a helper capable of handling their mistakes. However, it takes someone of great patience and virtue to take care of one who is a complete and utter klutz. Kiichiro Hayase, Japan’s most powerful man, may

King Baby Duck makes his grand return from the Land of the Rising Sun, and he's got plenty of stories to tell! Hear all about his work with the Cultural Exchange Initiative, alongside the great things about the town of

When I think of some of the best action films of the last few years, films like The Raid, John Wick, and even Everything Everywhere All at Once come to mind. Free Lives know how to bring cinematic badassery to

Good news: “The Shibuya Incident” in Jujutsu Kaisen has finally ended! As much as I enjoy a good action-packed arc, Gege Akutami really let this story drag. It became an exercise in grinning and bearing, as my emotions during this

For thrills and chills, nothing beats a theme park. You have your roller coasters, haunted houses, and merry-go-rounds that bring plenty of joy for all. Unfortunately, when the Sakamoto family heads to a wonderland of fun, the rides aren’t the