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November 2022

My dearest McPixel, It has been over a decade since your gorgeous orange hair first appeared on my screen. I remember it quite well: ‘Twas a free giveaway on IGN for your debut video game. Knowing nothing of it of the

The more Magu-chan: God of Destruction hangs with the humans, the less of a threat he becomes. Of course, the same can be said about Naputaaku, Uneras, and the rest of the evil gods that roam the narrative. Is it

What a life Rob Munk has had! From his acting-origin days and opening for Pavement to creating campaigns for the world's biggest company, Munk is a man who wears many hats that fit perfectly. This Friday, the former Thudpucker frontman

It’s not a new concept for someone to be transported into a video game. Hell, Disney kinda did it first with Tron forty years ago! But in the anime isekai realm, there appears to be a new growing trend with

You wouldn’t like Kubo when she’s angry. Yes, the titular girl in Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible is a human embodiment of a cinnamon roll. However, push her wrong buttons, and you’ll be delivered a look that’d give a

“Man, those snails look tasty,” is a thought I never imagined having. Yet there I am reading the second volume of Rokurou Ogaki’s Crazy Food Truck, and my mouth starts watering over Gordon’s cooked snails. Have I lost my mind,

It’s surprising that we’ve gone this long in Spy × Family without a Yor-focused narrative. While Twilight and Anya are technically the big focus of this series, the assassin-turned-stepmom acts as the backbone for the trio. So it’s nice to

After listing all of the shows he's been to in the last two weeks, King Baby Duck goes retro with his thoughts on the new Urusei Yatsura adaptation. Our host is then taken by surprise when Romantic Killer -- which

RADIANT requires patience. It’s not because there’s a lot to go through; it’s more due to the face that it takes forever for a volume to come out! Yet whenever Tony Valente’s series unleashes its next volume, I often wonder

Picture if you would a cozy situation. You’re in your living room surrounded by video games, chocolates, and your beloved cat. Suddenly, you are transported into a magical world, with a little fairy guy there to be your guild. The