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November 2022

There was nothing like finding a cartoon gem in the world of syndication. While Saturday mornings were made for the big leagues, the weekday afternoons were where the cartoon anomalies came out to play. From Samurai Pizza Cats to Conan

When other giant monster series try to one-up one another, Naoya Matsumoto is reinventing the game with his series Kaiju No. 8. While its first two volumes weren’t exactly perfect, they did manage to bring something new to the formula.

One man's Garbage Town is another's treasure trove. That seems to be the case with SICKY, whose upcoming album (in stores November 18) calls back to Dust Brothers-like beats with tobacco-stained vocals. Whether it's dancing to "Sleep On It", sauntering

There are those who believe in UFOs, and others who believe in spirits. Sometimes those types can fit in the same demographic, but some folks can put their faith behind one and claim the other to be hogwash. For the

In the world of Moriarty the Patriot, there are two kinds of people: the corrupt and the principled. William James Moriarty dances between the line of both, with his corrupt plans being made for principled reasons. Although Holmes may somewhat

For years, LEGO has invaded the video game world in impressive ways. From LEGO Dimensions to their takes on DC and Marvel properties, each brick-y journey delivers on humor, fun, and imagination. However, most of these games lacked the most

Can one really blame the seasons for wanting to cause chaos upon the world of Undead Unluck? After all, it’s mankind’s fault to being with that the seasons have gotten all out of whack. Nevertheless, the thought of billions dying

Things got a little complicated in the last volume of How Do We Relationship?. Saeko began taking advantage of Miwa, who was in a deep funk over her current life situation. It resulted in what is essentially a shitty move

When we last left the heroes & villains of Hard-Boiled Cop and Dolphin, trouble was brewing from beneath the sea. A mysterious ruins holds a massive power, one that could spell bad news for humanity if placed in the wrong