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October 2022

Next year, a side-scroller in the vein of Super Mario will be making its premiere: Kitsune Tails. Created by Kitsune Games (the folks behind Super Bernie World), the story will follow a cute fox girl as she traverses a world

A great detective knows when someone is lying. It can be a tick, a way one looks, or even a kind of body language that acts as a tell. For young Urabe Kanoko, her means of finding lies is a

The Speed of Sound may come at you at the blink of an eye, but what's left behind will resonate long after. Guitars echo with every pluck & riff, and the vocals -- provided by Ann-Marie Crowley and Jon Armstrong --

After dealing with a zombie invasion that almost killed his family, Akira desperately needs a break. In fact, the entire crew of Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead deserve to take it easy for a bit. Perhaps this is

Finally, after so much teasing and references showcased throughout The Way of the Househuband’s run, we now can experience the glory that is Crime-Catch Policure! As Tatsu’s wife Miku claims, it’s the greatest thing in the world! Naturally, author Kousuke

Some much-anticipated shows made their grand return to the anime realm this past summer, including one that we lost hope of ever coming back! From young adventures to fry cook demons, this summer season gave us both plenty to love

In the afterlife, there’s Heaven for the good people and Hell for the bad folks. But what if you did some bad things, but weren’t enough to warrant eternal damnation? That’s what Limbo is, where not much happens and spirits

King Baby Duck starts off this week's No Borders No Race with an exciting con appearance reveal! Then he looks at Rob Zombie's take on the iconic TV series The Munsters! Cyberpunk: Edgerunners shows how to do game-to-anime adaptations right,

Demons. Nazis. Rogue agents. All of these are the kinds of foes one would face in a first-person shooter. Yet none of them compare to the vileness and wickedness of the most diabolical of creatures known to humankind: dudes who

Life is filled with unpredictabilities. One moment, you can be the king of your surroundings; the next moment, you’re lying hung over covered in your own vomit and filled with great regrets. But sometimes life will give you something you