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MANGA REVIEW | "Crazy Food Truck" - Volume Two

MANGA REVIEW | "Crazy Food Truck" - Volume Two

“Man, those snails look tasty,” is a thought I never imagined having. Yet there I am reading the second volume of Rokurou Ogaki’s Crazy Food Truck, and my mouth starts watering over Gordon’s cooked snails. Have I lost my mind, or is Ogaki’s just that damn good of an artist?! In any case, the journey of Gordon and Arisa continues through the desert, as they keep on running from the past and towards some delicious gourmet.

At first, it would seem like trouble would be going a different path, as Gordon’s former subordinate Kyle appears to back away from collecting Arisa. In fact, Kyle manages to have Arisa’s little sister Myna join his ranks, as they seek anomalies and the like. Meanwhile, Gordon & Arisa take refuge in a natural spring & sauna. They even have a chance to do some cooking, ranging from the snails to pork.

But you can’t have Crazy Food Truck without the “crazy” part. A pearl enthusiast follows Arisa and Gordon after they grab hold of a rare specimen with a little something extra. Kyle and Myra find a plant that’s stored centuries of water, only to find that said plant has a taste for human flesh! Then there’s the situation regarding the state of Towata, and the big-ass tank that’s hurdling towards the food truck…

Turns out there are others that are interested in Arisa, and they don’t appear to be as understanding as Kyle is. It’s a grave situation where it results in a reunion of sorts for Gordon’s army crew, as the food truck driver is once again forced to walk a path he tried his hardest to evade. But because it’s for a good cause — on top of having Myra there as assurance — Gordon is ever-so ready to dive back into battle. And it just so happens that there’s a guy there that can give his food truck a special facelift.

This volume even showcases some of Gordon’s past with Kyle and the rest of his troop. While it seems like they had a good camaraderie, it’s clear that there’s an element that haunts Gordon to this very day. What it is remains to be seen, but it’s certain that a rift was created during some mission. (Seeing as we only have one volume left to go, we might just see what that was in a future chapter.)

Crazy Food Truck keeps its premises simple in its second volume, but goes all in for the action. Gordon and Arisa are a pair that work terrifically, without any need for some creepy romantic element to make it work. It’s sad knowing that the story is concluding in the next volume, as it would’ve been great to hang around these characters more. Having said that, I’m certain that Crazy Food Truck will wrap things up in a tasty, bloody morsel!


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