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The pen is mightier than the sword. With Anno Un — the author of Fuuko’s favorite manga — now joining the Undead Unluck ranks, it brings a different level of meta writing. A manga author out to help protect the

From a galaxy far, far away come The Keplerians. They arrive not only to make peace, but also to share their sound to those with a curious ear. Their latest intergalactic work arrives via the EP Spaceship Earth, and in

There are some questions that have never been asked when it comes to sentai and superhero programming. One of these questions is, “What would happen if the hero fell in love with the villain?” Does the thought of a Power

Fortune Favors Lady Nikuko arrives in theaters this weekend (which you can read our review here!), and King Baby Duck chats with its director Ayumu Watanabe. Joined by Honey's Anime, Asia Pacific Arts, Cinema Daily US, and The Daily Californian,

When you think of Akira Tendo of Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead, you think “Everyman”. He is one of the finest representations of the average person in a zombified world since Simon Pegg was Shaun. The choices he

It’s often the kindest people that are the most gullible. Yet even when fate deals them a bad hand, those folks will still bet it all in hopes that the table’s bluffing. Win or lose, the best revenge to enact

Anime Boston 2022 has come and gone, and King Baby Duck, EliteFourDerek, and Wicked Anime's JonStar share their thoughts on the convention as a whole! Hear their overall ratings, the panels they witnessed, the interviews, and the merch they grabbed!

So wait, you’re telling me that the latest volume of Spy × Family isn’t all about Anya? Joking aside, it’s easy to see why the daughter is the glue of both the mission and the family. Her mannerisms, thought processes, and

It began with mysterious hand popping through the ground. Any curious party would grab hold of it to see what would happen. Sadly, that hand had plenty of danger in its palms, as it pulled in Zen and his entire

Ah, the great outdoors. There’s nothing like fresh mountain air, clean roaring rivers, and star-studded skies to take in the full appreciation of Mother Nature. No, this isn’t another glowing review of Laid-Back Camp (which everyone and their grandmother should