May 2022

Anime Boston 2022 has come and gone, and King Baby Duck, EliteFourDerek, and Wicked Anime's JonStar share their thoughts on the convention as a whole! Hear their overall ratings, the panels they witnessed, the interviews, and the merch they grabbed!

So wait, you’re telling me that the latest volume of Spy × Family isn’t all about Anya? Joking aside, it’s easy to see why the daughter is the glue of both the mission and the family. Her mannerisms, thought processes, and

It began with mysterious hand popping through the ground. Any curious party would grab hold of it to see what would happen. Sadly, that hand had plenty of danger in its palms, as it pulled in Zen and his entire

Ah, the great outdoors. There’s nothing like fresh mountain air, clean roaring rivers, and star-studded skies to take in the full appreciation of Mother Nature. No, this isn’t another glowing review of Laid-Back Camp (which everyone and their grandmother should

In the deepest parts of outer space, a message beams out from the stars. Who is it calling out to, and what is its purpose? Turns out, it just so happens to originate from Dublin via electronica artist Circuit3. Landing

Misunderstandings are a core concept of comedy. But the way they best work is when there isn’t a single person smart enough to correct it. Something that could easily be solved with a mere sentence could instead explode into a

As a native of Salem, Massachusetts, the tales of witches have surrounded me almost since the day I was born. From the real stories of the Witch Trials to things of fiction like Hocus Pocus, witches have been prevalent in

Before there was Early Access, there was “shareware”. Back in the 90s, Apogee Software made a name for themselves by selling the first part of a game for a couple of bucks, in hopes that it’d make you buy the

Kei Sanbe has a good knack for delivering solid mysteries with supernatural twists. His previous series Erased showcased his strengths as a writer and artist, on top of bringing for complex characters that shined throughout the series. Sanbe returns with

He's spoken about her since late 2019, and today she finally makes an appearance. King Baby Duck welcomes Cultural Exchange Initiative founder Mikiyo Hattori, who shares her story on how she created the organization. Plus, hear about CEI's collaborations with