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Nothing worries me more than when a fight is dragged out longer than it should. This feeling has taken residence in my mind whenever I read any current volume of Jujutsu Kaisen. “The Shibuya Incident” arc has had some visually-stunning

When it comes to brutality and silliness, no one does it better than Lo Wang. Yes, the hero of the Shadow Warrior franchise may be a dick-talking smart-ass, but that’s part of his charm! Hell, I’d even go so far

Saying sorry over and over again can annoy people, but can it kill? Junji Ito brought this idea to life in his Yokai Kyoshitsu mini-series nearly a decade ago. Published here in the English realm as Dissolving Classroom, the short

Back in college, I was introduced to The Prince of Tennis via Toonami Jetstream. While the English voice acting was a little wooden, the tale of wonder boy Ryoma Echizen had me hooked to see how he’d reach the top

OTHERED sails on a sea of turmoil, vengeance, and wisdom. The duo of KnightressM1's Emily Palen and Specimen Box's Henry Austin Lannan, their mixture of a classical essence with metallic vibes bring forth a sound that'd shakes the grounds of

The fun thing about adapting classic works is having the ability to mix it up with other parts of classical literature. Of course, this could lead to some questionable fan fiction, which can be entertaining for the wrong reasons. Fortunately

The latest addition to the Anime Boston 2022 roster won't have to travel too far to participate, as the annual convention welcomes voice actor and Beantown native Suzie Yeung! Suzie Yeung is an Asian American voice actor who began pursuing her

How Do We Relationship? isn’t just the title of Tamifull’s yuri series; it’s a legit question to ask! At first, the question stemmed from Miwa and Saeko trying to figure out how to date each other properly. But now that

It's been two years since King Baby Duck roamed the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center, but he hasn't missed a step! Join our host as he hits the PAX East 2022 floor, and chats with game developers, publishers, and even

To the most introverted, making connections is an alien concept. Having to bond with other people, attend parties, and collaborating just doesn’t mesh well with those who prefer to be alone. So when a literal alien reaches out to be