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April 2022

Nothing is worse than having a story be average. Both great and terrible stories can be talked about for weeks on end; average ones tend to linger in the air for just a blink of an eye. I say this

Laughs, massive punches, and masks galore can be expected at this year's Anime Boston, as the LAVA trio -- Max Mittelman, Ray Chase, and Robbie Daymond -- will appear at the Hynes Convention Center on Memorial Day weekend. Well known as

One of my favorite arcade classics is SpyHunter, which had you take control of a special car with plenty of gadgets. Its mechanics were simple, but conquering it was a hell of a challenge. Sadly, it’s been nearly a decade

King Baby Duck starts things off with a big congrats to his Black Compat comrade-in-arms on the latest episode! Moon Knight gets weird in all of the right ways, while Ya Boy Kongming! brings one hell of a twist on

When one looks at the cover of Naoya Matsumoto’s Kaiju No. 8, you’ll be forgiven if you think you’re walking into a Godzilla-like tale. There’s no doubt that the King of Monsters plays a big influence on this series, but

Every volume of Flying Witch is like a quick escape to a world of comfort. Its pacing, visuals, and characters always manages to bring forth nothing but good vibes. In this volume of Flying Witch, the soul-soothing times have Makoto

Since 1999, The Prince of Tennis has taken over the manga and anime world in Japan. Now over two decades since Ryoma Echizen first hit the court, the franchise eyes the American big screen for its next venture! Ryoma! The Prince

There are times when I’m grateful when a US publisher releases manga in bigger omnibus volumes. Some cliffhangers can be pretty painful to wait for, and Fist of the North Star was notorious for bringing one epic cliffhanger after another.

Giant behemoths! Food enthusiasts! Two competitive kids! The Winter 2022 season had a couple of much-anticipated anime making their grand return! Did they manage to deliver on their hype, or was it all deflated? Let’s find out… ATTACK ON TITAN: THE

Calling the world of BEASTARS complex is an understatement. But then again, the real world is complex too, which is what author Paru Itagaki is conveying here. Even in the animal world, creatures deal with anxieties, worries, and physical and