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A good shonen manga knows how to build up anticipation for a big battle. Whether it’s a showcase of brawn or brains, how the fighters plan to duke it out can be demonstrated with great flare and plenty of smarts.

Call of Duty and Battlefield games come and go, with each one as similar as the last. Because of that, I don’t have a lot of outstanding memories of playing anything after the first Modern Warfare 2 or Battlefield 3.

I don’t blame Kalaku Yuki for the afterword in their premiere volume of It’s That Reincarnated-as-a-Virus Story. One look into the premise, and you’d absolutely think this was a twist on the current happenings of this world of ours. Thankfully,

With the literal twin vocals of Carys & Keeley Hughes and the sound of Mike Guy, 22 Oceans sets sail for a relaxing dreamscape. Their destination: Home, the latest EP from the Britain-based trio. It mixes simplistic electronica vibes with

When a hero fails to be what he claims to be, it’s only going to lead them towards a path of villainy. My Hero Academia did this awhile back with Gentle Criminal, a wannabe hero whose problematic powers had him

There needs to be a new sub-category in the slice-of-life genre. For awhile, the phrase “cute girls doing cute things” doesn’t quite mesh with many of the shows that have fallen under that list. In reality, many series like A

Police comedies have been around for decades. From Police Academy to Brooklyn 99, the way cops are showcased in these series always presents the strengths and many weaknesses of its protagonists. But one thing that they don’t do often is

Has there ever been a better pairing in gaming than Sam & Max? The creation of Steve Purcell may have had its origins in comics, but it’s the gaming world where the dog cop and rabbit thingy have thrived beautifully.

Sometimes the greatest enemy can be right under your nose. It’s an even worse situation when that villain winds up being the last person you’d least expect. Andy, Fuuko, and the rest of the Union find this out in a

King Baby Duck is wowed by Orville Peck's new songs, as he feels a new age in country music is about to begin. But when it comes to live performances, Japan's CHAI may be one the shiniest beacons of the