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Although things seem like fun on paper, there are some bad consequences to consider. After his run-in with a dangerous vampire in the last volume of Call of the Night, Ko now sees the dangers that come with turning. The

With the main story now over in We Never Learn, Taishi Tsutsui is giving readers the chance to see alternative paths the series could’ve taken. Volume Eighteen had Ogata be the winner, in a presentation that was both sweet and

Back in the old days, all villains needed to summon monsters was a magic wand and a loud command. But in today’s modern work climate, the simple ways are no more. Now we have large staff, focus groups, accountants, and

When you pop on Paris Music Corp., the sounds you receive are not of this world. In fact, one can say that the melodies of composer John Andrew Paris feel straight out of a Myst-like video game. Their songs bring

There are a lot of harem comedies in the manga realm. The ones with plenty of heart and imagination are the series that outshine the bland and uninspired harems. It’s why series like Love Hina, Tenchi Muyo!, and even Monster

Jujutsu Kaisen has become one of the hottest properties in recent memory. From Gege Akutami’s original manga to MAPPA’s jaw-dropping anime adaptation, the story of sorcerers battling curses have taken hold of viewers and readers all across the world. Its

WayForward’s River City Girls was a neat take on the classic Kunio-kun series. Showcasing the happenings of the River City Ransom world from the perspective of the girlfriends was something that should’ve happened years ago. Funny enough, such an occurrence

When fantasizing about romance, one must realize that the dream will be far from reality. That good looking girl or boy will not be perfect in every way; in fact, they might be the complete opposite of the dreamboat you

There are anime series that are just simply a marvel to look at. When it comes to the best-looking, one just needs to look at the slice-of-life and iyashikei genre for some of the most gorgeous series ever to be

After two years, the South By Southwest Festival returns to Austin, Texas! King Baby Duck spins 19 artists -- fifteen from Japan and four from Boston -- that will be participating in this year's event. However, before the festivities commence,