June 2022

I don’t know why, but games where you play as monsters destroying cities aren’t executed well. It shouldn’t be rocket science to make a game where you play as a behemoth and wreck everything around you. Yet from the PS3’s

It appears that I was in the minority regarding Chainsaw Man’s ninth volume. What else could I say? After reading through what I felt was a rushed job regarding the Gun Devil’s arrival, Makima’s true nature, and Aki’s untimely demise,

We're one episode away from the big 3-0-0, but King Baby Duck reveals that it might be slightly delayed. Fortunately, that's something future KBD has to worry about! This week, he talks about his experience at the new Boston music

Hello, Mr. Duck. Your mission — should you choose to accept it — is to analyze the anime adaptation of Spy × Family. Seeing as your knowledge of Tatsuya Endo’s manga series is impeccable, we saw you as the best

It’s one thing to stand out in class; it’s a whole nother level to find yourself lacking any presence at all. This is what happens all the time to Shiraishi, the main character in Nene Yokimuri’s Kubo Won’t Let Me

It’s amazing that we got a Fruits Basket reboot in the first place. Natsuki Takaya’s shojo manga has been considered a classic by many, and its original anime adaptation in 2001 was lauded for its storytelling and characters. But hopes

Since its beginning, Call of the Night has kept Nazuna’s origins a secret. It’s not because she’s being tight-lipped; it’s just that she couldn’t remember when she turned. Volume Seven of Call of the Night finally reveals Nazuna’s beginnings, and

A Seal Team brings chaos, even when protecting the world; a Seal Party brings the funk, no matter the mood! The San Francisco-based R&B outfit fills their sounds with horns, church organs, and choirs of soulful singers backing their melodies.

Much of my single-digit years were spent in some Papa Gino’s or Pizza Hut burning the roof of my mouth with the finest slices of cheese pizza around. But as a young kid, impatience was a given. Thankfully, many of

When we last left Mash Burnedead and his friends… Well isn’t that a pleasant sight to behold. It’d be a shame if someone tried to ruin all of the fun in Mashle: Magic and Muscles. Or, hypothetically speaking, someone found out