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Ever dream of working side-by-side with one of your favorite fictional characters? We all do that as kids, but sometimes even adults have fantasies of going on adventures with their favorite heroes and action stars. One of my faves growing

It was hard not spoiling the joke in the premiere volume of Hard-Boiled Cop and Dolphin. Even though said gag played a big role in the narrative overall, Ryuhei Tamura’s latest concoction was too good not to simply tell. The

No Borders No Race returns after a month, as King Baby Duck talks about Anime Boston and his upcoming Japan trip! The Orville finally returns, with an episode dealing with a heart-wrenching situation. The Kids in the Hall are back,

With Teasing Master Takagi-san, author Soichiro Yamamoto brought readers one of the most sweetest and funniest rom-coms around. But could he bring that same formula that made Takagi and Nishikata a joy to watch to someone just discovering love? The

I did not know what to expect when I first came across Crazy Food Truck, the latest manga from Unlimited Psychic Squad artist Rokurou Ogaki. At first, it would appear to be a slow burn kind of tale, with a

Three have gone by since the Hynes was filled with otaku, and the con-goers of Anime Boston 2022 were itching to showcase their cosplay skills! From Ghibli faves to robot behemoths, King Baby Duck and EliteFourDerek set out to find

The pen is mightier than the sword. With Anno Un — the author of Fuuko’s favorite manga — now joining the Undead Unluck ranks, it brings a different level of meta writing. A manga author out to help protect the

From a galaxy far, far away come The Keplerians. They arrive not only to make peace, but also to share their sound to those with a curious ear. Their latest intergalactic work arrives via the EP Spaceship Earth, and in

There are some questions that have never been asked when it comes to sentai and superhero programming. One of these questions is, “What would happen if the hero fell in love with the villain?” Does the thought of a Power

Fortune Favors Lady Nikuko arrives in theaters this weekend (which you can read our review here!), and King Baby Duck chats with its director Ayumu Watanabe. Joined by Honey's Anime, Asia Pacific Arts, Cinema Daily US, and The Daily Californian,