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After getting a simple fix for his microphone, King Baby Duck praises both the anime and manga versions of After the Rain for its means of storytelling and character development. Telltale Games shuts down out of the blue, leaving our

Even having a plethora of mic troubles won'tĀ keep King Baby Duck from doing his show! After watching the DC Extended Universe crumble in front of our eyes, ourĀ host gives hope that the rekindling friendship between Nintendo and Square Enix might

After proving his listeners right about unexpected album drops, King Baby Duck puts a spotlight on three upcoming video game titles with the strong spirit of nostalgia in their backbones. NickSplat comes to VRV, and our host tosses in some

After worrying about making some nasty cuts from his annual Top Albums list (even though he should worry about that inĀ December), King Baby Duck praises the latest film Crazy Rich Asians both for its dynamic cast and fun storytelling. Then

After a minor complaint over how a package sent to him was labeled, King Baby Duck dives into what made the TV adaptation of Boruto: Naruto The Movie stand out from the Dragon Ball Super ones. Then our host has

It's rare for J-POP artists to be in the same vicinity as B3's headquarters just for the hellĀ of it, but that's exactly what happened when Satellite Young frontwoman Emi Kusano decided to come to the Boston area! King Baby Duck

After a successful 200th episode and a reveal of what his main dream for the show is, King Baby Duck welcomes streaming site AsianCrush's Katie Cannon as they chat about its collection of Asian cinema, their simulcast of the anime

It's No Borders No Race's 200th episode! King Baby Duck gathers his pals Elite4Derek, Wicked Anime's JonStar, and -- for the first time ever -- {abstract:japan}'s Tyler Abstract as theyĀ recreate the first J-POP playlist from the show's WMWM Salem era.

Frank Turner has been one of our favorites singers and songwriters of theĀ last decade, and King Baby Duck chats with the folk punk hero during his residency at the Royale Boston. Hear about his love for the city of Boston,

King Baby Duck gets his episode numbers squared away,Ā as he dives into what actually happened at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo. One of our host's favorite superheroes returns in comic form, and Toonami brings anime comedy back to Adult Swim