November 2018

Studying can be tough. In my experiences, I often found myself needing a good record to play in the background in order to retain all sorts of information. However, not everyone is that lucky to discover a surefire way to

Ryo Mizuno is considered by many to be the master fantasy creator in Japan, with such series and tabletop titles as Record of Lodoss War, Starship Operators, and Sword World RPG winning the hearts and minds of many a gamer. His most

The debut volume of Tsuyoshi Takaki's Black Torch wowed me when it was first released, showcasing a fantastic smorgasbord of action, comedy, and very likable characters. Though some may compare it to Tite Kubo's Bleach in places, Takaki's work seemingly

King Baby Duck, Elite4Derek, and a returning Kim headed off to this year's Another Anime Convention to chat it up with many of the guests at New Hampshire's small-but-very fun annual event! First the dandiest guy in space Ian Sinclair shares

Mamoru Hosoda's Summer Wars stands as a true game-changer for anime feature films. The 2009 movie delivered some of the most heartwarming, funny, and action-packed moments in the year it was released. It was a moment that cemented Hosoda as

When thinking of how Japan has recently adapted fairy tales, I often find myself looking unfavorably at this past winter's Maerchen Maedchen. Terrible animation aside, the way it paired modern schoolgirls with certain fairy tale characters had some potential that

This year's Another Anime Convention has come to pass, but we at the Boston Bastard Brigade were impressed with this year's attendees and their cosplaying skills. Not only did we see a good mix of genres being represented, but also

If you want to have a guaranteed good sound, look no further than the Celtic scene. Combine it with any genre, and it's bound to raise anyone's attention. U2 did it with rock, Flogging Molly mashed it with punk, and House

There is no greater power than science. It's because of science that tools, weapons, medicine, and even the creation and destruction of life itself has become common knowledge in today's society. Dr. STONE, the collaborative work between Eyeshield 21 creator

There's a level of enchantment that Aki Irie's Ran and the Gray World encompasses its audience with. The first work of Irie's to be published in America, the story comes off as a grown-up's answer to fables or bedtime stories.