King Baby Duck, Elite4Derek, and a returning Kim headed off to this year's Another Anime Convention to chat it up with many of the guests at New Hampshire's small-but-very fun annual event! First the dandiest guy in space Ian Sinclair shares about his voice acting origins, the characters he finds the most fun to voice, and why our host is to blame for putting a Beastie Boys song in his head whenever the end theme for Double Decker: Doug & Kirill plays. Then it's a crazy three-way interview with Chuck Huber and the newly-engaged J. Michael Tatum & Brandon McInnis, where love & jealousy is in the air, and coins are flipped to place either side on the hot seat!

It's cool! It's weird! It's One-On-One: Another Anime Convention 2018 Edition!

Special thanks to Jessica Graviel and Timothy Gravelle of Another Anime Convention for setting these interviews up!

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