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Love is in the air during the month of February, and Section23 Films has a few releases that coincide with things of the romantic kind

I'll admit that Nemu Yoko's The Delinquent Housewife! had a subpar introduction, what with the way it presented its characters and hidden backstories. Sometimes it takes a bit for a plot to truly get going, even if its main focal points

BLAME! and Knights of Sidonia creator Tsutomu Nihei is unleashing a new kind of sci-fi horror for his fans, with the complete collection of Abara set to arrive from VIZ Media. Due out on December 18, Abara takes place in a

King Baby Duck is gearing up for this weekend's Another Anime Convention, which means there isn't much time to do a normal No Borders No Race. That's why he decided to go all-out with the music this episode, with a couple

Cultures can clash from time-to-time, but with a little understanding and kindness the barriers of said upbringings can be smashed in perfect harmony. A great example of a manga that showcases this is Hikaru Nakamura's Saint Young Men, which literally

Within the isekai genre, there are many times where someone gets transported and transformed into another being. At times, they're turned into a creature like a slime monster or some lower-leveled monster; other occasions, their soul is placed into a

If there's one genre in anime that I rarely can stomach, it's NTR. A shortened way of saying "netorare", the Japanese phrase for "taken away by sleeping with," these kinds of series are usually filled with characters who cheat on

When I started reading Kanna's Daily Life a few months back, I initially thought that a spinoff starring the adorable dragon of Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid would putter out soon after. And yet, with its third volume, the misadventures of

The Toronto music scene alone is filled with enough eclectic styles that'd make most countries envious. Pop, folk, hardcore punk, alternative, metal, and just about every single genre has been mastered by Canada's most creative hub. It's also where some

On a dark Halloween night at the Brighton Music Hall, King Baby Duck and Wicked Anime's Andrew Fleming went face-to-face with Finland's most iconic folk metal heroes: Korpiklaani! Vocalist Jonne Järvelä, accordionist Sami Perttula, and drummer Matti "Matson" Johansson sit