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One of the most well-respective anime producers in the world enters the Anime Boston realm, as the press had a chance to talk with Studio BONES co-founder Masahiko Minami. Join the Boston Bastard Brigade, Anime Herald, Mithical Entertainment, and BUNKA Network as you

A packed press room had the chance to talk with American voice actress Michelle Ruff (AKA the voice of many of our anime waifus)! Join the Boston Bastard Brigade, Wicked Anime, Worcester State University’s Center For Media, Fandom Post, Anime Herald,

Time for the Keronian chant, as the Boston Bastard Brigade, Mithical Entertainment, and Toonami Faithful sit down with voice actress Brina Palencia at this year's Anime Boston! Hear about her thoughts on women in the entertainment industry, who her anime

Another Anime Boston interview special is upon us, with actor/musician/martial arts master Johnny Yong Bosch entering the fold! Join the Boston Bastard Brigade, Wicked Anime, Gamer Talk, WAMC Northeast Public Radio, Operation Rainfall, Mithical Entertainment, and ComicsAlliance as Bosch talks about his life

It's the first interview special recorded at Anime Boston 2017, and we start off with a bang with the man behind the voice of the Prince of all Saiyans! Join the Boston Bastard Brigade, Wicked Anime, WAMC Northeast Public Radio, Operation

Anime Boston 2017 may be over, but the coverage is just getting started! Join King Baby Duck, D-ROCK, Andrew & Jonathan Fleming, 42Believer, Dakota Broskie, Victoria, and Tehmsu (and a wee bit of Christine) in the first part of our

We are just a couple days away from Anime Boston 2017, so King Baby Duck has invited Wicked Anime's Andrew Fleming and 42believer of 42's Anime Reviews to chat about what everyone should check out at this year's event! Plus

Over three years ago, one of our buddies came on our show to promote a game he and his friend were attempting to raise funds for on Kickstarter. Now the time has come for the world to experience it firsthand! Join

PAX East 2017 has come and gone, but we're still on the hype train from everything we've seen at the event! Join King Baby Duck as he chats with nearly a dozen people in the developer & publishing realm. Future

It's March, and that can only mean one thing: South By Southwest Festival time! Join King Baby Duck on his annual nod to the festival that opened his eyes widely to the Japanese music scene, as we spin 13 artists