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E3 is just one week away, and King Baby Duck can't wait to land in LA to cover it all with his ElectricSistaHood brethren. Until then, a new Sonic the Hedgehog game's reveal leads to some disappointment. The return of Cardcaptor Sakura has our

After pleading to his listeners to check out Non Non Biyori, King Baby Duck looks at Haven't You Heard? I'm Sakamoto in a negative light while praising its complete opposite Tanaka-kun is Always Listless. Some troubling news for Hulu when a

King Baby Duck starts off this week's show on a more serious note regarding Bloomylight Studios before introducing TheDCD and Wicked Anime's Andrew Fleming, as they get excited about Rick & Morty airing in Japan. The discussion from Hell gets

After praising Boston native Rob Zombie for sticking up for Babymetal, King Baby Duck welcomes Bloomylight Studio's Karine Tollari as she talks about their debut game Lynn and the Spirits of Inao. The news of Disney Infinity ceasing production leads to

Jonathan Fleming of Wicked Anime pops in for the show's opening, as he and King Baby Duck talk about why Babymetal's recent live show at Boston's House of Blues is one for the record books. Then our host talks about the

PAX East is finally over, but King Baby Duck is in the mood to give out some awards! Hence why he has created the very first Basty Awards! Recorded in front of a "live" studio audience our host gives out prizes to

PAX East 2016 has come and gone, and King Baby Duck has some really awesome folks from the likes of Devolver Digital, Ysbryd Games, tinyBuild, and GungHo Online Entertainment family chatting about their latest games! Grab your joysticks and a clean pair

The folks¬†behind the worlds of Dofus and Wakfu invade the B3 realm! King Baby Duck welcomes¬†Ankama's Lead Character¬†Designer¬†Kim "Tch√ī" Ettinoff,¬†the¬†Communications & Marketing Manager Pauline¬†Guillemant, and¬†the lead storyboard artist for Season Three of Wakfu Fafah Togura, as they chat about¬†the process of

No Borders No Race is back after nearly a month-long hiatus, and congrats are in order for a certain Japanese metal band. The iconic anime FLCL returns, with King Baby Duck showing some optimism for the two new seasons. Nintendo

It's the final Anime Boston 2016 interview, with the Boston Bastard Brigade and the Toonami Faithful Podcast chatting with voice actor and ADR director Tony Oliver. Find out how a certain B-movie KBD discovered became the reason why Tony Oliver doesn't