Nintendo has taken the Wii U to the back of the shed. Now, it's time to see what the most iconic gaming company in the world has up its sleeve, as the recent Nintendo Switch presentation showcased some surprising new titles, returning classics, and some unique gaming innovation! Join King Baby Duck, Another Retro Gaming Podcast hosts TheDCD & David Giltinan, and the HipHopGamer Gerard Williams as they chat about the good, the bad, and the "WHY DIDN'T THEY LEARN FROM LAST TIME?!" of the Nintendo Switch! Arguments, tangents, banters, shots fired & blocked, and even some kickass ideas for games (including the best Nintendo wrestling title that doesn't exist...yet!) in this battle for journalistic integrity!

Grab the Master Sword and ingest a mushroom! It's the Nintendo Switch Podcast Special: The New Switch-eroo?!

Intro theme: "Switch" by Will Smith
Insert music: "Casting Agents & Cowgirls" by Busdriver
Outro theme: "Slam" by Onyx

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