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The Boston Bastard Brigade and Toonami Faithful sit down with voice actor Josh Grelle, whose credits include the insanely popular Attack on Titan and My Hero Academia, as well as the underrated Princess Jellyfish and Baka & Test: Summon the

Once again, another Anime Boston has been written in the books! Join King Baby Duck, Elite4Derek, and Wicked Anime's JonStar & Andrew Fleming as they share their initial thoughts on this year's festivities! Plus hear about what they thought were

Once again, the time has come for acts from all over the world to convene to Austin, Texas for the annual South By Southwest Festival! King Baby Duck has a massive playlist of musicians in store for your ears (14

After revealing some exciting news about Anime Boston, King Baby Duck revisits the anime K-On!, and realizes his initial thoughts on the show weren't on the dot. Crunchyroll's Anime Awards delivers a couple surprise winners in a sea of My

After lamenting our Super Bowl loss, King Baby Duck checks out the recent Takashi Murakami exhibit at Boston's Museum of Fine Arts, where he's awed by his craftsmanship and barfs at his gift shop prices. A recent episode of HipHopGamer's

After a bit of Anime Boston news, King Baby Duck takes a jab at the Oscars for snubbing some of the better animated films of 2017, while praising the same awards show for giving nods to two films that grabbed his

It's finally a regular episode of the No Borders No Race Podcast show for once, with King Baby Duck sharing his experience attending Boston's Arisia convention. The anime world raises an eyebrow or two with Pop Team Epic, whereas Unikitty

We're just a couple days away from Wicked Anime's annual Wickies award show, and King Baby Duck and the Fleming Bros. are gonna get you nice and in the mood to boogie! We're spinning our favorite openings and endings from the series

It's the final half of our annual Top Albums countdown! Who will be the big trophy winner this year? Plus hear from Andrew of Wicked Anime, The Decrees' Callum Bell, and Abstract Japan host Tyler Abstract as they share their picks

The holiday season is upon us, and no one loves it more than the furry hero of justice WolfCop! King Baby Duck welcomes writer/director Lowell Dean as they chat about the lycanthrope lawman's newest film Another WolfCop! Hear about the beer-loving