After revealing some exciting news about Anime Boston, King Baby Duck revisits the anime K-On!, and realizes his initial thoughts on the show weren't on the dot. Crunchyroll's Anime Awards delivers a couple surprise winners in a sea of My Hero Academia victories, and Quentin Tarantino gears up for his latest film as our host ponders what will happen when he retires after his tenth film.

PLAYLIST (with album/single link):

  1. SCANDAL - Futari (from the album Honey)
  2. THE RODEO CARBURETTOR - VOLT (from the album Black Luster Songs) [out of print]
  3. MAFF - Desfile (from the Melañiña EP) [available April 2]
  4. m-flo (feat. EMYLI) - The Other Side of Love (from the album BEAT SPACE NINE)
  5. ling tosite sigure - EneMe (from the album #5)
  6. Japan Suicide - Blown Away (from the album Santa Sangre)
  7. OGRE YOU ASSHOLE - Shichuu (from the album AlphaBeta vs. Lambda)
  8. MYTH & ROID - Stormy Glory (from the "Hydra" single)
  9. Moonshine Booze - Smooth Out (from the album Desert Road)
  10. detroit7 - Ibitsu na Hana (from the album GREAT Romantic[out of print]
  11. fhána - Watashi no Tame no Monogatari~My Uncompleted Story~ (digital single)
  12. Skinny Lister - Reunion (from the album The Devil, The Heart & The Fight)
  13. BAND-MAID - Spirit!! (from the album World Domination)

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