March 2017

The Atelier series are fun games, but it's not much of a secret that they are largely not all that different from each other. Almost sensing this, Gust has decided to switch up the formula for their latest entry, Atelier

"I've played this before." Those words spouted from my mouth less than a minute after I started playing NEKCOM's DYING: Reborn VR on the PlayStation VR. The cockroach-infested floors, the crummy bed, the clock and piano puzzle, and the rest

Sentai Filmworks returns to the dungeons of Orario, with its latest license of the long-awaited spinoff series Sword Oratoria: Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? On the Side! A reselling of the original Danmachi series, Sword

We are just a couple days away from Anime Boston 2017, so King Baby Duck has invited Wicked Anime's Andrew Fleming and 42believer of 42's Anime Reviews to chat about what everyone should check out at this year's event! Plus

The first two Danganronpa games released several years ago on the Playstation Vita and PSTV. They were great visual novels that took some pages from Ace Attorney, but had its own highly stylized art and crazy sense of humor. The games

I'll be honest: I initially avoided Saga of Tanya the Evil when I first got wind of it. After all, the seemingly mo√©fication of a World War I German soldier screamed red flags all over the place. It was when a

Section23 Films is getting summer started on the right path, as July's release announcements feature quite a lot of hotly-anticipated home releases! A classic anime comes to DVD from Sentai Filmworks on Independence Day, with the Complete Collection release of 1979's

Over three years ago, one of our buddies came on our show to promote a game he and his friend were attempting to raise funds for on Kickstarter. Now the time has come for the world to experience it firsthand! Join

There's a fine range of genres that J-POP artist miwa likes to dabble in, from the usual pop &¬†rock fare to even the sounds of traditional folk. Her latest record¬†SPLASH‚ėÜWORLD not only holds up to these sounds, but also puts

Getting the jump on Spring just a few days early, Sentai Filmworks has announced its latest acquisition with Anonymous Noise! Based on the manga written by Ryoko Fukuyama, Anonymous Noise follows the story of Nino (Sayori Hayami), a singer blessed with a beautiful voice