After worrying about making some nasty cuts from his annual Top Albums list (even though he should worry about that in December), King Baby Duck praises the latest film Crazy Rich Asians both for its dynamic cast and fun storytelling. Then our host gives props to the English dub team for How NOT to Summon A Demon Lord, while defending the crude actions and disgusting comments from the protagonists of Asobi Asobase and Grand Blue Dreaming (but not agreeing with what they do or say, of course!).

PLAYLIST (with album/single links):

  1. Sumire Uesaka - Hello my kitty (from the album No Future Vacances)
  2. monobright - Namidairo FRUSTRATION (from the album monobright two)
  3. Autumn - The Maiden's Child (from the album Chandelier)
  4. Analogix - Trouble Shooting (from the Ri-Man Skill EP)
  5. Little Glee Monster - Sekai wa Anata ni Waraikaketeiru (digital single)
  6. Ghost - Faith (from the album Prequelle)
  7. Asaka - Eternal Star [English Ver.] (digital single)
  8. Wednesday Campanella - Nikita (from the album Cinema Jack)
  9. The Two Man Travelling Medicine Show - Putting On A Show (from the Float Your Boat EP) [available August 31]
  10. Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra - Warrior Chant (from the album Perfect Future)
  11. Guitar Wolf - Barf Night (from the album Beast Vibrator)
  12. m1nk - Fuck You Up (digital single)
  13. Crossfaith - The Perfect Nightmare (from the album EX_MACHINA)

All hail the well-endowed elf girls! It's No Borders No Race: Episode Ni-Hyaku-San!

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