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September 2013

Spearhead Games, a new company founded by ex-AAA game developers, has a little something special in store for Day One owners of the PS4, and it comes in the form of their first title: Tiny Brains. Up to four players take

King Baby Duck reports live at the Boston Festival of Indie Games at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology! First Ben Shostak of Barnyard Intelligence drops by to chat about their new title High Strangeness, and how the graphical changes affect

The second annual Boston Festival of Indie Games is being held tomorrow at the MIT Stratton Student Center & Johnson Athletic Center, and ESH & B3 will be there to cover the highlights of the event! If you haven't registered

I think I'm in the minority when I say that I wasn't a big fan of Suck It And See, the last release from Arctic Monkeys. While it did have its moments it lacked a sort of je ne sais

So there we were, the four of us raring to go on our jewelry heist. Everything started off so well, as we grabbed the first stash of jewels and began taking hostages. Then all of a sudden one of the

Chaos Code has left a big smile on my face, and I have no idea why. Perhaps it's because of its memorable characters. Maybe it's the cool moves you can pull off in it. It could be that its old-school

Another mix of awesome music is ready for your iPod, as King Baby Duck gives some helpful advice to new and returning students of the college realm. Some good news about Xbox One is finally shared to the world, and

Not a lot of artists can coo like a dove and roar like a tiger at the same time. Neko Case is one such musician that can do just that without even trying. In 2009 the New Pornographers vocalist found

To be a king stuntman one must be able to pull off amazing tricks whist throwing fear out of the way. The game Hill Bill features a character who works his way from pulling off smaller jumps in his own

Another great set of music is ready to be spun by King Baby Duck, but not before lamenting on the loss of one of his favorite Japanese music sites. A review of Edgar Wright's The World's End does its best