Chaos Code has left a big smile on my face, and I have no idea why. Perhaps it's because of its memorable characters. Maybe it's the cool moves you can pull off in it. It could be that its old-school look beams with nostalgic charm.

Or maybe, just maybe, I can't stop smiling because Chaos Code is one of the best arcade fighters I've come across in years.

Originally an arcade game from Japan Chaos Code gives you fourteen fighters to choose from, each with their own unique traits and back stories. These fighters have come to battle one another in order to retrieve a powerful energy source that can rule and destroy worlds. Some are battling to lay claim to the power, others to conceal it and keep it out of the wrong hands. A couple are just looking for a reason to fight, and this sounded just as good as any.

Once you pick your character in either Story or Versus Mode, you are then tasked to pick two out of the four special attacks you can choose from. After that the option of running or dashing is given (and yes, there is a difference), a choice that must be taken carefully depending on which special attacks you decided on. Pick the wrong one, and your biggest attacks may not work the way you want them to.

How you use your special attacks depend on your strategize yourself, and with the variety of characters you'll be going up against there is not a lot of room for trial-and-error. You can save up your chaos energy and go full blast when you need it most, or use it every time when available. The more chaos you build up, the more powerful the attack you can pull.

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