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"Payday" Sequel A Nonstop Nail-biter

"Payday" Sequel A Nonstop Nail-biter

So there we were, the four of us raring to go on our jewelry heist. Everything started off so well, as we grabbed the first stash of jewels and began taking hostages. Then all of a sudden one of the innocents decided to trip the alarm, sending swarm after swarm of police forces right towards us. My men, even myself, felt many a bullet pass through our bodies, and sometimes we found ourselves being held captive by the fuzz in exchange for hostages. In the end we barely made it out, with two of our guys in police custody and the rest of us knee-deep in the finest diamonds.

This is but a mere taste of what you can expect when playing Payday 2, a first-person shooter that will always have you on your toes.

In Payday 2 up to four players will find themselves robbing banks, jewelry stores, art galleries, night clubs, and various other places where money and expensive goods are kept. On occasion you'll also be asked to hack into powerful figures' computers to discovery nasty little secrets they'd rather bury than be brought to public. Each time you play a specific level, the set up will always change (i.e. which room you're looking for is moved, prized possessions in a different location), not to mention how and when the cops start rolling out. As you progress through the game, you can level up your character, buy new weapons, costumes and upgrades, and learn new tasks that can be of help when on the heist.

When the police come a-crawling, the game's tension becomes almost too real. It's in moments where you have to wait for a drill to break through a door (which can take between 3-7 minutes) where playing Payday 2 is quite painful to wait through. This is not a bad thing at all, as the nature of the game is about staying calm, being patient, and always be on your toes when it comes to the men in blue. In fact I can honestly say that not since ZombiU has a first-person experience given me this sort of realistic thrill.

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