Another mix of awesome music is ready for your iPod, as King Baby Duck gives some helpful advice to new and returning students of the college realm. Some good news about Xbox One is finally shared to the world, and Keiji Inafune's recent victory shows true promise for the Kickstarter realm in regards to developing new and unique video game titles. A nice sendoff to the recently-retired Hayao Miyazaki is given, thoughts on Shinichiro Watanabe's new series Space Dandy are shared, and KBD tells us why a really bad cartoon film from the 1980s called Rock & Rule should still be worth your time.


  1. chatmonchy - Kaze Fukeba Koi (from the album Kokuhaku)
  2. Nacano - Dance Is Love (from the album DIL)
  3. Danny Fantom - Reflections (from the mixtape Going Ghost)
  4. UVERworld - Kimi no Suki na Uta (from the album BUGRIGHT)
  5. The Moai - Harlem Saloon (unreleased track)
  6. Inside Neon - Radical Citizens (from the album If You're Not With Us, Then You're Against Us)
  7. 54 Nude Honeys - One-Eyed Bat (from the album Drop The Gun)
  8. Nicotine - L.A. (from the album In Punk We Trust)
  9. Ben Folds Five - Draw A Crowd (from the album The Sound Of The Life Of The Mind)
  10. toddle - In a Balloon (from the album Dawn Praise The World)
  11. Supernova - Rock Generation (from the single triatomic)
  12. Jonathan Coulton - Dissolve (from the album Artificial Heart)
  13. LLLL - Because of my eyes (from the EP LLLL)

Crank it up for No Borders No Race: Episode Juu-kyu!

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